Programs in Vietnam


OTS began its works in South Vietnam in 2001. Because another Hmong group has already started its ministries among the Hmong in South Vietnam, OTS shifted i need for church leadership training, as many Hmong have converted to Christianity through Pastor Wang Chong Lee (with Far East Broadcasting Company). In 200

Here are examples of the impacts OTS made through your financial contributions and prayers:

  • OTS graduated the first TEE class in 2006. There were 25 graduates.
  • OTS graduated t to focus on other relief efforts.
  • Each year since 2002, OTS trains a group of 15 to 30 Hmong church leaders.
  • OTS contributed toward buidling church buidlings for Hmong believers. OTS has since
  • OTS dug 3 well waters at 3 Hmong villages.
  • OTS funded an English instruction program for church leaders, pastors, and college stud
  • OTS provided scholarship to Hmong students to attend special training in health service
  • OTS provided financial assistance to care for the sick who could not afford.
  • OTS distributed over 10,000 Hmong Hymnals donated by the Hmong District.

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Your charitable gift will help people you may never meet but who will always be grateful.