Programs in Myanmar

Prior to 2000, there was little knowledge of the Hmong people living in Myanmar. In that same year, the Hmong District sent Doua Her and Tou Her to Myanmar to find them. After days of searching, they finally received a tip about the location where the people live. Since then the door has opened for OTS to reach out to help thousands of Hmong people in Myanmar.     

Through many prayers and financial contributions from our donors, OTS has established the following projects in Myanmar: 

  • House of Hope, a hostel that provide housing and education for Hmong students and a training center for future businesses entrepreneurs.
  • Provides financial support to four orphanages that shelter Hmong and other ethnic groups.
  • Completed building a “Bridge House” hostel in Yangon to provide education and business opportunities for students to obtain employment in the city.
  • Provided scholarships to help students attending Bible colleges and universities.
  • Provided leadership training for men and women to become effective leaders in their family and in the community.
  • Distributed over 1,200 Bibles to the Hmong people in Myanmar, whom have received a Bible in their language for the first time.
  • Provided financial assistance to purchase and built the Myanmar C&MA Bible

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Your charitable gift will help people you may never meet but who will always be grateful.