Our Programs in Laos

Laos was the homeland for many Hmong in the United States. However, OTS’s entry into Laos has been challenging due to political restrictions. The Evangelical Church and CAMA Services in Laos  succeeded in bringing some relief and economic development programs in Laos.
Below are projects that was funded by OTS through the financial contributions and prayers of our donors:

  • OTS helped the Lao Evangelical Church dig two fish ponds and provide funding for electric fences around their facilities in Vientiane.
  • OTS have partnered with CAMA Services to dig a water well in Xiengkhouang. This well supplies year-round water to 160 families.
  • OTS provided drinking water for two schools. More than 750 Hmong children attend these two schools.
  • OTS helped build a church in Luang Prabang.

In recent years, OTS has built four clean drinking water systems in Laos; three out of the four clean drinking projects are for the Khmu tribe in the province of Vientiane, and the fourth one is for a Hmong church.

Nong Dong Church Water Project

The Nong Dong Water Project was funded and sponsored by a care group from First Hmong Alliance Church in Hickory, NC back in 2016. During a recent visit, it was evaluated that the Water Project was well done and has helped many families in the area. A group of elders expressed their appreciation to the Sponsor and OTS for assisting them with the Water Project. The Water Project was installed on a private property and the Elders were concerned that they may not be able to use it if the owner decides to sell the property.
Please continue to prayers for the families at Nong Dong Church so they can continue to use the water project for years to come.

The Tha Kok Hai Water Project

The Tha Kok Hai Water Project was funded by OTS in 2013. The water still ran very well but the pump has becoming old. The water project was used by many families in the area, where many of them are non-Christians. The group that manages the project has already fixed the water pump several times but they fear it may stop someday. Additional help will be needed in the near future.

Phon Khong Khmu Church

This church belonged to the Khmu ethnic. Its location is about 5km away from the KM52 town. Mr. Dee Leuht is the pastor there. They reside among the Buddhist community. There are approximately 200 congregants that live around the church property. They have no good drinking source other than a shallow well dug by villagers. It often dries up during dry season.

The church has been praying for funds to help them drill a safe drinking water well.  They have submitted a request to OTS for assistance. The Board has approved the project but pending on fundraising effort.  As soon funds become available, OTS will work with our strategic partner CAMA Service in Laos to drill a clean drinking well for the Phon Khong families. 

OTS is currently seeking sponsors and/or donors to help this project become reality.  If you would like to contribute to this project, please click the donation box below. 

Houei Deua Church Drinking Water Project (Near Nam Chiang Area)

In recent years, the Nam Chiang area has been occupied by foreign companies to build rice fields and growing trees. Despite these dramatic changes which could offer opportunities for many families to obtain employment, the people we spoke with seems to have little or no knowledge at all about the situation in the area. They were amazed after the fact about these foreign companies hauling the goods they produced in the area back to where they came from. 

A group that represent the Houei Deua Church has submitted a proposal to OTS Board recently for a new Clean Drinking Water Project. The Board is currently raising funds to help this group. The church is primarily Khmu tribe. In recent years, OTS has built 3 Clean Drinking Water Projects for the Khmu tribe, and we desperately need help to raise funds from our donors to build two additional water projects to help the Khmu people in Laos. 

Water Projects for Phon Tong and Phon Ngeun, a Phon Hong District

The Phon Tong and Phon Ngeun Water Projects are both Khmu Churches. A previous water project was been built for the Khmu tribe back in 2015. The Khmu communities spread throughout the lower part of Nam Ngeum Dam all the way to Hin Heup and Nam Chiang to the Mekong River. Currently, they’ve erected five new churches in the Phon Hong-KM52 District. OTS and CAMA Services has had good relationship with the leaders there. There are plenty of opportunities to do projects to support the Khmu people in this area. 

In recent years, OTS-WI Chapter and a donor (Niam Ntsum Liag Hawj in CA) has donated funds to build two clean drinking water projects for the Khmu tribe in the region. These Clean Drinking Water Projects has impacted many families in the area. OTS is planning to build more projects in the region when funds become available.    

Tiger Head Stone Church, Nam Phao

A recent visit to the Tiger Head Stone Church in Nam Phao was very dramatic. It was about two families that has been separated for a very long time in which they ended up living in two separate worlds and in two separate clans. One family carried a Xiong last name and the other carried a Vang last name. When the two families met for the first time for meal together, someone in the group whispered to Xiong that Vang was a member of his family a long time ago. During the meal, Xiong could not hold his tears. He reached out to Vang and reunited with his family. A reflection of a story about Jacob and Joseph in the Old Testament. It was quite an emotional moment.

After the meal, the two brothers along with the group went to visit the water site where OTS will build the clean drinking water project. Our Wisconsin Chapter will raise the fund to build this project for the church. Tiger Head Stone Church will be the sole owner of the project. The village will not be involved. The group prayed and started their evening journey to another site.

A. B. Vang Ministries

After graduated from Khon Kaen Bible College in Thailand, Vang moved to the northern part of Luang Prabang, in Muong Ngoi. His initial work was to witness the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the un-reached Hmong and tribal people in the region. He also has a burning desire to help young girls who may fall into human trafficking, one of the major problems in the country. He and his wife are currently helping 5 girls through the support of “Remember Nou Organization”He came to the city to find a place to start his mission. He is a man chasing after his dream.   

In recent years, OTS has been looking for opportunities to establish a Bible School and a Guest House in Vientiane or Xieng Khouang province, but the real estate market in Laos has been skyrocketing in the last five years. We are looking for a small piece of land, which is difficult for OTS to purchase   

Vang also has a plan to help kids in poverty to gain access to education, especially those in Muong Ngoi area. Many of them live in remote areas where it is difficult for their family to send their children to school from far away. As a result, parents often make them work on the farms until they become teenagers and get married. This is a life cycle for many Hmong and tribal people who live in remote areas.  

Vang plans to establish a center in Luang Prabang where he can provide services to those who are in need. A committee will be developed to assist him.

In September 2017, Vang submitted a proposal to OTS board for consideration. He already found a place in Luang Prabang for $730.00 USD per year. If the board approves his plan, this could be the future center for the Hmong Bible School and a Guest House in Laos.

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