Programs in China

In 1999, the Hmong District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, had deployed Dr. Steven X.
Her and his wife to work with the Hmong and tribal people in China.
Below are some of the results of their work in the last 15 years:    

  • OTS built a school near the China-Vietnam border for 120 Hmong and Chinese
  • OTS built a school near the Red This school provide education to 100 students each year.
  • OTS provided scholarships to nearly 50 Hmong students to attend higher education in China.
  • OTS established 4 clean drinking water systems for four cities, providing year-round drinking for 350 families.
  • OTS provided funds to build seven churches in Southern China.
  • OTS partner and contributed funds to build a Bible
  • OTS has distributed over 1,000 Hmong Bibles to the people in Southern China, whom have received a Bible in their own dialect for the first time.

Current Project: Scholarship

Project Description: $12,000 for 4 students.

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