In the last 20 years, OTS has been blessed with many donors and sponsors from the Hmong Christian community around the word, primarily the first Hmong generation from Laos who have contributed enormously to support OTS vision and mission.  Through many prayers and financial contributions, OTS has been able to provide education, health, emergency relief and economic development projects to help families in poverty in Asia.  We have laid the foundation and build trusts with the people in the fields.  At our 20th Year Celebration, we are calling the young people, professionals, business owners, philanthropists, teachers, doctors, Lawyers, Christian Workers, men and women from all walk of life to help us build an infrastructure for OTS to impact the lives of those we touch in Asia by becoming a strategic partner with our organization. Our goal is to raise $225,000 to support the “Priority Projects” as determined by the Board of Directors of OTS.  The fund will enable these projects to achieve sustainability and transform a generation of people.      

Through your partnership, we are confident that can accomplish the followings:

  • Create a generation of educated Hmong Christian workers and leaders in Asia
  • Empower men and women through family and economic development programs, through a Christ-Centered approach
  • Create opportunities for volunteers to engage, contribute, and provide resources to support the projects
  • Gain both spiritual and personal life changing experiences for the volunteers.

Please make your contributions today!


Priority Projects 2018-2020

Overseas Tribal Services, Inc. is currently engaged in nine (9) Priority Projects in various areas of Asia through various partnerships. Each of these projects is designed to provide a service or amenity for people in need.

Below is a description of each of the projects we are currently sponsoring:

Priority Project #1: The Bridge House

  • Location: Myanmar
  • Project cost: $75,000
  • The Bridge House currently offers dormitory living and a quality education for 26 students across all grade levels.
  • Funding will go toward three (3) strategic efforts: developing a chip business (to ensure The Bridge House is self-sustaining), creating occupational training opportunities and developing an irrigation field.

Priority Project #2: The Hope House 2

  • Location: Myanmar
  • Project cost: $31,000
  • The Hope House 2 includes a hostel, which has been in operation since 2010 and provides opportunities for youth living in rural areas. This program brings them to an urban setting and provides opportunities to attend high school and continue on to the La Shio University.
  • Funding will go toward expanding the hostel and developing a corn farm (to ensure Hope House 2 is self-sustaining).

Priority Project #3: The Kangmon Hostel

  • Location: Myanmar
  • Project cost: $20,000
  • The Kangmon Hostel is an urban-based facility, which provides benefits to children living in rural villages. Children attending the hostel receiving a quality of education that might not be available in their own sparsely populated communities.
  • Funding will go toward purchasing additional property, to ensure the hostel’s long-term viability, and investing in a skills training program so students can gain knowledge in specific trade areas.

Priority Project #4: The PN Hostel

  • Location: Vietnam
  • Project cost: $20,000
  • After a series of phases and additions, the PN Hostel today houses 80 to 100 students from 12 nearby churches. It has been so successful and well received that there currently is a waiting list.
  • Funding will go toward acquiring additional land for the hostel’s continued expansion and developing a fertilizer warehouse (to ensure the PN Hostel is self-sustaining).

Priority Project #5: The NH Hostel

  • Location: Vietnam
  • Project cost: $25,000
  • The NH Hostel currently houses 47 students, and there is a desire to continue growing the facility because of a waiting list.
  • Funding will go toward addressing building repairs (due to damage caused by termites) and acquiring additional land to accommodate much-needed amenities, including a kitchen, study hall and dining room.

Priority Project #6: The BL Hostel

  • Location: Vietnam
  • Project cost: $10,000
  • The proposed hostel, initiated by the neighboring churches, is in the early stages of development. It is designed to give congregants an opportunity to send their children to school.
  • Funding will go toward acquiring land for the hostel.

Priority Project #7: The NK Hostel

  • Location: Vietnam
  • Project cost: $10,000
  • This hostel has been proposed by Mr. TY who has long been associated with OTS and is a leader of the QB District churches. The facility would serve children who otherwise would have to make a treacherous journey to attend school because of the surrounding geography.
  • Funding will go toward acquiring land for the hostel.

Priority Project #8: Hmong Guest House

  • Location: Luang Prabang, Laos
  • Project cost: $11,000
  • The Hmong Guest House is designed to provide housing accommodations in Luang Prabang for up to ten (10) students.
  • Funding will go toward renting space to make the housing accommodations a reality. OTS also has pledged to sponsor five (5) of students.

Priority Project #9: Bangkok Hostel

  • Location: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Project cost: $8,000
  • The Bangkok Hostel is the outgrowth of OTS’ partnership with the First Hmong Bangkok Church. This planned development builds on OTS’ goal of broadening its outreach to the people of Bangkok and Thailand.
  • Funding will go toward remodeling a existing facility to accommodate the planned hostel.